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Wellness Workshops
& Retreats 

Kally Joanne hosts a range of Wellness Workshops and Retreats every year

KJ Wellness Retreats: Service

Greek Island

Wellness Retreats

There’s nothing better than to be able to relax your body and mind and to go home feeling rejuvenated. On our Greek Island retreats you can become in tune with yourself in a relaxed, calm and inspiring environment. The retreats are tailored for you to relax and recharge with holistic treatments. Along with the beautiful beach nearby there will be plenty of time for swimming, walking or cycling to make your vacation complete. 


Reiki Practitioner Training Workshop - Online Or In Person

A Workshop to relax your body and mind as you become rejuvenated as a new Reiki Practitioner. Become in tune with yourself in a relaxed, calm and inspiring environment.

The Workshop is tailored for you to relax as you learn the first two Reiki levels as well as receive Reiki healing and restorative meditation sessions.


Summer Wellness Day Retreat In The Austrian Alps 

Join Kally Joanne for a day of pure relaxation and pampering.

This Wellness Day Retreat includes a day of relaxing holistic treatments as well as an optional meditation or mindfulness session.

You will also have some time to enjoy the local area. This Day Retreat will make you feel rejuvenated and revitalised and ready for the week ahead.


Personal Development Workshop - Online Or In Person

Kally Joanne Wellness offers Personal Development Workshops throughout the year. The Workshops can focus on any area of your life that you would like to improve; such as becoming more positive, developing your spirituality or learning about the Law of Attraction and how to consciously create the life of your dreams.


All workshops can be tailored

personally to you.


Reiki Master Training

Workshop - Online Or In Person

Join Kally Joanne a Reiki Master Teacher on this Training Workshop, either online in the comfort of your own home or in person in the Austrian Alps.

You will become in tune with yourself in a relaxed, calm and inspiring environment as you learn the Reiki Master Level along with Crystal Healing Reiki. Reiki healing treatments and meditation are included.


Wellness & Spa Day Retreat In The

Austrian Alps 

Our Wellness & Spa Day Retreat is situated within one of the most beautiful areas of Tirol, Austria. The Day Retreat is designed to help you reach your place of tranquillity; with holistic treatments, restorative meditation and the use of a luxury pool and spa all included.


So if you enjoy being close to nature whilst relaxing in a stunning location, this Day Retreat is ideal for you. 


Reiki Day Retreat In The

Austrian Alps

Kally Joanne Wellness invites you to a Private Reiki Day Retreat in St Anton am Arlberg.

This Reiki Day Retreat is a chance to get away from your distractions as you experience full rejuvenation. Delight in ultimate relaxation which will help heal the body and mind of stress and worry.

During the summer every guest staying in St Anton receives a complementary summer card with many activities included.

Stones Massage

Holistic Therapy Training

Workshop - Online Or In Person

Join Kally for a Holistic Therapy Training Workshop with the option of joining the restorative meditation sessions in a nice relaxed environment.  

All Training Courses are certified and will qualify you to work as a Holistic Therapist once you have completed your coursework. During the in person Workshops you will have time for some treatments with Kally as well as time for relaxing, swimming, walking or discovering the local Tyrolean area.


Tailor Made

Wellness Retreats and Workshops

Kally Joanne Wellness offers Tailor Made Wellness Retreats and Workshops located in Spa Hotels, Villas and Chalets around the world. Choose the duration of your retreat as well as everything that you would like included. Select from the following themes: 

Wellness & Spa Treatments

Reiki & Energy Healing

Personal Development Workshops

Holistic Training & Workshops

For more information or for any questions please contact us here

Welcome to Kally Joanne Wellness

Wellbeing Academy

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